to us, isn’t just about looking good (although we like to do that too).

It’s about getting stuck into sports and reconnecting with nature to transform the body and the mind.

We want to shout its healing powers from the mountaintops. To get exploring, get moving and get changing.

Our products

are made to be your second skin: cozy, comfortable and made to last. 

And they’re smart, too. 

Designed to combat things like friction, sweat and heat, our cutting-edge development team has received more than a few gold stars.

Our fabrics

are an extension of our core beliefs. As we explore nature, we wear nature.

All our product lines use certified organic BCI cotton and recycled materials. 

We’ve said NO to synthetic dyes, as these nasties are responsible for 20% of water pollution worldwide. 

We’ve replaced them with natural dyes, which reduce emissions to near-zero carbon emissions, making them recyclable and naturally degradable.

But we’re not done yet.  


Our sustainable goals are big.

We’re always looking at ways to take care of nature (because, hello gratitude!), so we’re aiming to increase sustainable fabric use and traceable fibers, lower emissions and we’re figuring out options for a circulatory end-of-use system to minimize waste. 

We’re all about being one with nature. She’s not about standing still, and neither are we. 

Gymoon wants to see a revolution of movement in nature. 

To energize the world to explore, play, flex and feel good doing it. Because we know moving isn't just about our physical health, it’s also about our inner peace. That’s why our team’s dreamt up premium Activewear to help you sweat in nature, move in confidence and breathe in calm - to get outside and change inside.